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Mosh, Don't Pass the Guy (or Girl)!

Hi.  I had the pleasure of getting to see Sloan twice today, at an
in-store at Tower Records and the Concert hall.  Sloan was great but my
question is what is with the people?  As soon a Sloan got on stage of
course the crowd was a little wound up and pushing started and then some
surfing.  And like the 6 other times I've seen them play Chris mentioned
the no surfing rule, not just once but twice. It seemed to deter a few
but they still kept coming.  He even stopped duing Penpals cause he was
getting pissed off.  Now everybody don't get me wrong, I like to have
fun and hope everyone else does at shows but where has respect for
others gone to.  

1. Have you ever noticed it's always the same 10 or so people that get  
up, surf, get pulled in at the front by the bouncer and then run back  
into the crowd to start all over.

2.There always seems to be like three huge super jock type guys with big
*#%!$\!/ boots that insist on doing it and the problem is nobody can hold
them up!

Do these people not understand english?  For some it may be thier first
concert and they haven't clued in yet but oter than NIN concerts
"Surfing" went out a couple of years ago.  I went to Sebadoh on Tuesday
and it was great because everybody respected each other and Lou, Bob or
Jason didn't even have to say anything , it was just an understood
fact.  Point is I payed the same amount as the others there and it
shouldn't be an assinine thought to expect not to be climbed upon or
kicked in the face.  I've been to a show where a girl was rushed away 
in a ambulance from a kick by a boot.  She was knocked out and bleeding
all over the place. Anyway enough of this rant.  I just wanted to let
somebody know how I felt.