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laura borealis, IRC, and thunder bay

Hello, i have 3 quick totally unrelated questions.... 

1. To whomever wrote me a few weeks ago saying you were going to interview
Laura Borealis.. i lost your e-mail address, and was wondering if you found
out how i can obtain copys of her books.  Please write back if you read this ..

2. Is there a channel on IRC where the discussion centers around East-coast
canadien music?  And if so, what is it, and what net is it on (EFnet,
Undernet Etc.)

3.  Does anyone know for sure who Sloan is playing with in Thunder Bay on
saturday? It seems that 1/2 the people think it's the inbreds, and 1/2 think
ETH and LR, but nobody will say "for sure" just "i think it's..." .. not
even the venue will announce it, they just say it's "Sloan with special
guests" .. argh.. i'm DYING to know!  

There.. i'm done.. i hope this meats the discussion topic of Sloannet :)).. bye!

Rob B.
Society's Norm