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NEW Sloan net shirts UPDATE

Here's the situation:

Close to 20 people from sloan net want a shirt. Unless we get another 12
people or so wanting shirts, the price will stay at $23 (Otherwise $17).

I will be sending a post just to those who have displayed interest which
will include an attachment .gif showing what the front and back will look
like. If anyone is not sure if they want one but would like to see what
they'll look like, e-mail me personally with "SHIRT CURIOUS" in the subject

I will be waiting a bit more for people to notify me if they want one or
not. Next week, I will set a deadline for when all the money must be IN MY
HANDS by. (meaning not postdated by that deadline - I must have it by the
If any money comes in later and i am able to add to the order - I will.
Otherwise you will be getting your money back. After I announce the
deadline I will only be posting to those who have responded with interest
so as not to disturb or abuse the freedom at sloan net.

Thank you!


"And touching the scar on your back like a relief map" - Superfriendz