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more thoughts on good sloannetiquette.

hey, tara wittchen pointed out to me that it would be
good to caution people once again about how they use
their "reply" function.  try not to send copies of
replies to *both* sloan net and individual sloan net
subscribers.  i know the redundant copies fill up
mailboxes and drive some people crazy.  so be selective
about where you are sending replies.

also, melissa sent me a criticism by private email and
then gave me permission to reproduce it on sloan net.

>>this friday:  rebecca west, trike, plumtree
> you sent a post a few days ago (I am a procrastinator, I'm reading all my
>mail from the past week tonight:)) about how people are using this as their
>personal message board, then you post about this show. I mean, granted, the
>subject said attn:haligonians, and I don't have a personal gripe about it,
>I'd love to be able to go and I hope u have a great time. But (the infamous
>BUT!) your contradicting yourself, unless I mis-read your intentions.

ok, let me expand on this one a bit.
my criticism of a lot of the posts i was seeing from ontario was that
people were seeking out information on sloan net that could be easily
be obtained from local club listings and phone directories.  that kind
of email is unnecessary and a poor use of list bandwidth.

the rebecca west/plumtree gig, on the other hand, was not listed in
any papers or online listings.  since it's east coast bands at an
east coast venue, i don't have a problem with advertising it in advance.
please note, though, that i'm working on setting up a "halifax events"
list to drain that sort of mail away from sloan net.  in the meantime
i do not have a problem with members of east coast bands, or bands playing
east coast gigs, plugging their live dates on sloan net.  within reason.


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