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On Tue, 1 Oct 1996 Adina.Steiman\!/oberlin.edu wrote:

> weakest); plus you can get them both on one CD!  This is a virtual 
> godsend for people who can't get the 1st elevator album on vinyl (only 
> 1000 cpies were printed and didn't take too long to sell out).  The sogs 

	OK, I've been wondering this for a while. I got the first 12" 
when it came out, and I have the new CD. My question is, when was the 
second 12" released? I seem to have missed it entirely. Is it on Sub Pop, 
and is it still available?


"I watch them both with my telescope.
 I'm watching both her hands on a bottle of Coke.
 And her medic alert tag says she's okay,
 just allergic to peanuts, so she'd better stay away."
	- The Bonaduces, "Really Powerful Telescope"