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montreal sloan show

**okay, nobody's spoken about the montreal show, so i guess that that means
that i am all alone in this filthy city.  i had a really great time.
elevator to hell was really good.  i know they don't appeal to everyone
(the little 14yearold shits from my school were like "oh my GOD, you
actually LIKE them?? i mean, the guy's a hottie and all, but his music?
WHATEVER."  okay chick.  come here and let me smack you), but i was totally
blown away.  they only played for half an hour though, so that was a pain
in the ass, but whatever.

during the intermission , i looked out onto the floor and who was standing
there but chris murphy.  i was kind of shocked to see him (a sloan member
at a sloan show?  it's unheard of), so i said "hey, there's chris murphy!"
at which point about 12 000 screaming girls mauled him.  (sorry)

the local rabbits ... i'm sorry.  they're not my favorite band.  but i have
to say, they were damn funny.  the bassist was really scary.. is he the
rabbit or something? because throughout the entire set he was jumping.   i
duno.  by the way, does the singer really sing so high all the time, or was
he having throat problems?  we couldn't figure it out.

sloan was amazing.  i was totally blown away.  it was cool, the audience
got to do the ba-ba-bada-bas, and the handclaps.  i was kind of pissed off
at the crowd because when the usual 'no crowd-surfing' rule was put into
place, they totally ignored him. three times.  one thing, after being asked
several times to do 'underwhelmed', pat finally said, "we're not doing
'underwhelmed', so you can just stop asking."  why? is there Any particular
reason for this?

i'm writing this during my spare and the bell just rang, so