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Re: sloan...? where?

this is sort of long:

->sloan haven't been here, Newfoundland, in i dunno how long.  i've honestly 
->only seen them once.  they played the 'great canadian party' in the 
->summer of...um...1992? i mean come on! they've been to victoria and back 
->since then, and they're obviously not starving artists anymore.  it's 
->really sad, cause we love 'em to death over here.  i'm just wondering if 
->anyone knows any reason for this... lack of... attention.  

Point 1:  small venues.  sloan play to like 
1000+ in practically every show.  Most of 
the Atlantic provinces don't have places 
this big. most of the venues around here 
can't afford sloan without a $15-20 ticket to 
cover all the overhead, and contrary to 
popular belief, a lot of people just aren't 
willing to pay that much to see a band from 
Point 2: you can't just drive to either PEI 
or Nfld, so winter shows would suck (ie 
ferry ride and shitty weather) and at least 
in PEI all the good venues are taken up with 
tourist trap plays. and the ferry or 
airfare is expensive, too. 
Point 3: who are we to say they aren't 
starving artists?  last time I checked, none 
of the sloannetters were accountants to the 
stars, so how do we know?

Basically, my point is, even though our 
provinces are closer, it doesn't mean they 
are more accessible than quebec or even 
vancouver.  and you never know, maybe it's 
just that nobody has bothered calling to 
book them in the last 4 years....
It's not like Nfld is the only province they 
haven't played lately...they've only played 
NB like twice and they've never played PEI.