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Re: sloan...? where?

 Hey there...rumour has it that Sloan will be playing the TSC in St. John's  
sometime this year. I saw them for the first time at the HOM and in a 
word, they rocked. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a Newfoundland show.


On Tue, 1 Oct 1996, Claire Rillie wrote:

> sloan haven't been here, Newfoundland, in i dunno how long.  i've honestly 
> only seen them once.  they played the 'great canadian party' in the 
> summer of...um...1992? i mean come on! they've been to victoria and back 
> since then, and they're obviously not starving artists anymore.  it's 
> really sad, cause we love 'em to death over here.  i'm just wondering if 
> anyone knows any reason for this... lack of... attention.  i guess for 
> them it's as if canada ends east coast wise with nova scotia, like for so 
> many others.  but hey, furnace face keep coming back and sandbox came 
> twice i think (unfortunately).
> answers anyone? anyone?
> i'll check out the website mr. covey keeps mentioning as soon as i get 
> this gosh darn account hooked up at home.
> Claire
> ps.  are there any other newfie's on here? or am i alone... hmmm...