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NEW SloanNet Shirts (for those interested in an update)

Ok, first off I'll start off by recognizing that enough people got "flamed"
by some guy(s) who organized the last SloanNet shirt run. I guess that
can't be helped now, however a few so far are interested in getting some
new shirts made.

The main thing I guess the skeptics are worried about is not getting flamed
again. I have no intention in doing this and hope that some of you will
suggest some ways of doing the exchange without either of us getting burnt
(you not getting the shirt and/or me not getting the money or promised

Please make your suggestions to me privately and I will report to the group
the options and we'll see which one will work best.

I got a price from a silkscreener and including shipping (Puroletter bag)
here are the prices and descriptions:

The shirts will be black, 100% cotton shirts with 2 color graphic's
on front AND back

** if 12-36 shirts are ordered:    $23/shirt

** if 37-99 shirts are ordered:    $17/shirt

I have already received private posts from 7 sloannet'ers and I'll be
getting 3 at least (for other friends) so, that's 10 (duh). I'll keep all
interested as to how many orders i have by next week.

To those of you who are uninterested in this whole shirt thing, you can
delete the messages with "SloanNet shirts" in the subject field. :) Hope it
doesnt inconvenience any of you.



"And touching the scar on your back like a relief map" - Superfriendz