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On Tue, 1 Oct 1996, parakeet trooper wrote:
> I don't know...it's not that I'm not "ready" to hear this...it's just 
> pretty dull music...or at least it was, in concert. I should get the ETH 
> album, but like I said before though, I even started finding ET's last 
> album incredibly un-innovative. And I thought the prospect of hearing 
> keyboards on ETH would be a welcome change. Not only was there no keys, 
> but the songs were so incredibly limited soundwise...hey, if I want
> sometimes spooky/weird sometimes beautiful tunes with organ, I think I'll 
> stick to Yo La Tengo...I would have bought ETH's album, but I found their 
> show scary (not as in boo!!! scary) enough to not want to buy it...but 
> hey, let people judge it on their own accord. I also don't think ETH 
> deserve adulation just because it's Rick and Mark from ET (though I LOVE 
> Mark Gaudet's drumming, and I like so much of the noise Rick makes, 
> friday night's performance was just very non awe-inspiring).

I would respond to you prviately, but my fear that people who do not know 
elevator to hell will read and believe things like this makes do 
I disagree that it was dull, 1st of all.  He was trying to create a mood, 
one much different than yo la tengo, a lot darker, but I can understand 
you not liking it, it's personal preference.  With "amosphere" type shos, 
you're either way int it, or plain out of it.
But please don't forgo the pleasure of the albums because you didn't like 
the live show.  They could not be more dissimilar!  One reason for this 
is that on the albums(unlike the ETH 7"s) it is mostly Rick all 
byhimself.  Whereas live and on the 7"s it is with Tara and Mark, and 
sounds completly different.  Trust me on this the 
albums are so beautiful and every bit as good as pre-purple blue eric's 
trip (although I love PB, I think everyone agrees that it was the band's 
weakest); plus you can get them both on one CD!  This is a virtual 
godsend for people who can't get the 1st elevator album on vinyl (only 
1000 cpies were printed and didn't take too long to sell out).  The sogs 
are so quiet and beautiful and the production is so carefully planned 
that you will hear new flourishes for years (especially if you listen on 
headphones: a must with any Rick White produced album).  I know you are 
not going to take my word for it and rush out and buy it; but just listen 
to a friends copy and then decide.  Don't write it off before hearing it 
because if you like Rick's previous work, I really don't see how you 
couldn't like these albums - in fact, in many ways I think he tops himself.
(i've been holed up in my room too long, sorry for talking so much)