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sloan...? where?

sloan haven't been here, Newfoundland, in i dunno how long.  i've honestly 
only seen them once.  they played the 'great canadian party' in the 
summer of...um...1992? i mean come on! they've been to victoria and back 
since then, and they're obviously not starving artists anymore.  it's 
really sad, cause we love 'em to death over here.  i'm just wondering if 
anyone knows any reason for this... lack of... attention.  i guess for 
them it's as if canada ends east coast wise with nova scotia, like for so 
many others.  but hey, furnace face keep coming back and sandbox came 
twice i think (unfortunately).
answers anyone? anyone?
i'll check out the website mr. covey keeps mentioning as soon as i get 
this gosh darn account hooked up at home.
ps.  are there any other newfie's on here? or am i alone... hmmm...