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Re: is sloan being unfriendly to fans?

OK, I just can't stand it all anymore.

If $15.50 to $17 is too much to see a band whose mailer discussion group
thing(whatever this is) you subscribe to then all I can say is this:


You make no sense. I hate paying a bundle of money for shows, but when a
band hasn't come to your area for two years, almost to the day, maybe you
should just fork out the money. Most of you should have had at least a
half year to save up your pennies, so reward the freaking band with your
presence or whatever, because they don't usually set the prices. Shocking,
I know. The show here in Edmonton was set by the venue so they could, at
the least, make a tasty profit after setting the payment with the band
when they booked them. Why are you blaming the band? I don't know of ANY
band that says,"We'll only play at the gig if you charge the kiddies $17." 
Get real. AND if you don't think I speak words of truth, ask the boys when
they come to your town.