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administrivia deluxx (october 1 ed.)

hey folks.  it's october 1.  it's a new month.
and so, i now unceremoniously dump into all your
mailboxes all the information you need to make your
sloan net experience a happy one.

i intend to post all this information monthly from
now on.  do with it as you wish.

remember, to unsubscribe, send the message LEAVE to


thanking you,



sloannetiquette - last modified october 1, 1996

When you join Sloan Net, or any list for that
matter, monitor the messages for a few days to get
a feel for what common questions are asked, and
what topics are deemed off-limits. This is
commonly referred to as lurking. When you feel
comfortable with the group, then start posting.

Keep your questions and comments relevant to the
focus of the discussion group, which in this case
is the East Coast independent music scene.

If another person posts a comment or question that
is off the subject, do NOT reply to the list and
keep the off-subject conversation going publicly.

When someone posts an off-subject note, and
someone else criticizes that posting, you should
NOT submit a gratuitous note saying "well, I liked
it and lots of people probably did as well and you
guys ought to lighten up and not tell us to stick
to the subject".

If you can respond to someone else's question, do
so through *personal* email. Twenty people
answering the same question on a large list can
fill your mailbox (and those of everyone else on
the list) quickly.

When quoting another person, edit out whatever
isn't directly applicable to your reply. Don't let
your mailing software automatically quote the
entire body of messages you are replying to when
it's not necessary. Take the time to edit any
quotations down to the minimum necessary to
provide context for your reply. Nobody likes
reading a long message in quotes for the third or
fourth time, only to be followed by a one line
response: "Yeah, me too."

Use discretion when forwarding a long mail
message. It's preferable to reference the source
of a document and provide instructions on how to
obtain a copy. If you must post a long message,
warn the readers with a statement at the top of
the mail message. Example: WARNING: LONG MESSAGE

Resist the temptation to "flame" others on the
list. Remember that these discussions are "public"
and meant for constructive exchanges. Treat the
others on the list as you would want them to treat

When posting a request for information (e.g.,
"Does anyone here know how to get a copy of a
fanzine called _ffiction_?"), or a poll (e.g.,
"How many listmembers would be in favour of
stringing up Ron Foley MacDonald by his toes?") to
Sloan Net, request that responses be directed to
you personally. Post a summary or answer to your
question to the list.

When replying to a message posted to Sloan Net,
check the address to be certain it's going to the
intended location (person or group). It can be
very embarrassing if they reply incorrectly and
post a personal message to the entire discussion
group that was intended for an individual.

Occasionally subscribers to the list who are not
familiar with proper netiquette will submit
requests to SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE directly to
the list itself, instead of to sloannet-request.
Be tolerant of this activity, and possibly provide
some useful advice as opposed to being critical.

Other people on Sloan Net are not interested in
your desire to be added or deleted. Any requests
regarding administrative tasks should be made to
the appropriate area.

If you are having *technical* problems with Sloan
Net (e.g. you sent your LEAVE request to
sloannet-request but you're still getting messages
days later), send your questions to the


If you have *content* concerns about Sloan Net
(e.g. you want to know whether it's OK to post
about some topic), you can send those to your list
moderator at



sloan net FAQ - last update october 1, 1996

Q:  Where did Sloan get their name?
A:  Apparently they had a friend whose nickname
was "Sloan", a contraction of "Slow One."  They
are not named after the famed manufacturer of
bathroom fixtures!

Q:  Are Chris Murphy and Matt Murphy related?
A:  No.

Q:  In the lyrics of "Underwhelmed", there's the
strange line "she told me to loosen up, on the way
to the LC."  What the heck is an "LC"?
A:   In Nova Scotia, only government-run stores
and boutiques are allowed to sell alchohol.  The
department responsible for this is the Nova Scotia
Liquor Commission, or NSLC.  So someone going to
the "LC" is going to the Liquor Commission, i.e.
liquor store.

Q:  Where can I find copies of _Dames Dames_ and
_Inherit the Median Strip_?
A:  Those are personal projects that were never
published.  You can ask the author, Laura Borealis
<snobshop\!/aol.com>, about them.

Q:  Is "Coax Me" about Nirvana?
A:  No.  If you're looking for an interpretative
context for the lyrics about "his widow", we
suggest you think Yoko Ono.  As for the Nirvana
connection on _Twice Removed_, well, the story
goes that the lyrics to "Pen Pals" were
constructed out of actual fan letters to Kurt

Q:  What is a "sizzleteen"?
A:  It's just a name that Jay Ferguson took (in
the lyrics of "Snowsuit Sound") from a
Superconductor off-shoot band in Vancouver.  Then
Mike Pick used it again in the Hardship Post song
"My Secret Life."

Q:  Is the split 7" where Sloan and Eric's Trip
cover each other still available?
A:  No.  However, both songs are available
elsewhere.  The Sloan cover of Eric's Trip,
"Stove/Smother", is on the DGC CD/cassette _DGC
Rarities Vol. 1_.  The Eric's Trip cover of Sloan,
"Laying Blame", is on the Cinnamon Toast singles
complilation CD/LP _Trim Crusts If Desired_.

Q:  Where can I find copies of the early Eric's
Trip cassette releases?
A:  Nowhere.  They were sold out years ago and
were never released by any label.  The only
pre-SubPop ET release still available is the
_Peter_ EP on Murderecords.

Q:  What about the "Belong" 7" single?
A:  It was released on NIM records of Moncton but
is now out of print.

Q:  Have Eric's Trip broken up?
A:  Yes.  Rick and Mark, along with Tara, are now
pursuing Elevator to Hell as a fulltime project.
Julie is going to do a second Broken Girl
full-length record for Sub Pop.  Chris has
recently released a second Moonsocket full-length
CD on Sappy.  There will be an Eric's Trip
rareties CD released.

Q:  Have the Hardship Post broken up?
A:  Yes.  After the Human Touch tour, where Seb
and Mike tried to go it as a duo, Alyson MacLeod
(ex-drummer of jale) joined the band.  They
recorded an album's worth of demos but the only
record to be released by that version of the band
is a 7" single on Squirtgun featuring a Mike song
and an Alyson song.  Now that version has called
it quits too.


friendly label mogul today!)

We do our best to avoid cluttering Sloan Net with
requests for information about record release
dates, tour schedules, and that sort of thing. A
lot of people sign on to Sloan Net looking for
music information, and sometimes do not realize
that with a little perserverance, you can usually
find the information you want *elsewhere*.  Why
not try first asking the people in the know?
Here's a breakdown of main sources.

SLOAN - There is an excellent Sloan website
maintained by Heather MacEachern and Shawn Morris.
There's a lot of interviews and articles archived
there that can offer you a lot of basic background
about Sloan and the Halifax scene, not to mention
tour dates, photos, lyrics, tab, and other stuff.

"The Official Sloan Website"

"Heather MacEachern" <maenon\!/webgate.net>

"Shawn Morris" <shawnm\!/webgate.net>

If the information you want about that upcoming
Sloan gig can't be found on the web site, and if
you live in Canada, than try MCA Records Canada.
Sloan are not an MCA artist per se, but MCA is
their exclusive distributor. So if you want info
about tour dates, locations, etc., why not get in
touch with friendly Cori Ferguson, who is the MCA
rep in charge of Sloan publicity?

"Cori Ferguson" <Fergusoc\!/mca.com>

MURDERECORDS - You're probably aware that Sloan
run a record label of their own, located in
Halifax.  Right now, the most prominent bands that
call Murder home are Sloan, the Super Friendz, and
the Local Rabbits. Thrush Hermit have moved on to
Elektra (but don't look for them on the Elektra
home page because they haven't been added yet).
Murder has an extensive back catalogue of cool
records that includes Eric's Trip, jale, and
Hardship Post. For catalogues, tour schedules, and
all other inquiries, send them email!

"murderecords" <murder\!/ra.isisnet.com>

SUB POP - A lot of east coast music has been
released on Sub Pop: jale, Eric's Trip, and the
Hardship Post for starters, and lately, Elevator
to Hell, Broken Girl, Purple Knight, and
Moonsocket. Sub Pop maintains all sorts of
continually-updated useful information about tours
and releases, which can be accessed through their
automated email server instantly!

To find out how to take advantage of this service,
send the message GET EMAIL HELP (within the main
body of your text and at the beginning of a new
line) to


Sub Pop also have a big website at www.subpop.com.

CINNAMON TOAST RECORDS - The main bands on
Cinnamon Toast records these days are Plumtree and
Rebecca West (that means that for tour info on
those bands, cinnamon Toast are the people to
ask).  And there's again an extensive back
catalogue that you should check out (like their
compilation LP that includes Hardship Post, Eric's
Trip, jale, and Bubaiskull).  And yes, they have
an email address.

"cinnamon Toast records" <msg\!/ra.isisnet.com>

SAPPY RECORDS - Run by Julie Doiron Claytor and
her husband Jon. Full-length CDs by Broken Girl
and Moonsocket and a plethora of 7" singles.  Jon
and Julie are not online, but their friend Ron
Bates, who plays in Orange Glass (3 singles on
Sappy!) is. He doesn't work for Sappy but he's a
good source of information and can pass messages
on to Julie and Jon.

"ron bates" <batesr\!/nbnet.nb.ca>

You can also write Sappy directly via snail mail.

PO Box 25097 Moncton, NB E1C 9M9

SQUIRTGUN RECORDS - With a forthcoming full-length
project from Orange Glass, not to mention the
swan-song 7" from the Hardship Post, indie mogul
Lee Maslin also distributes Sappy product in
Ontario (and so he's also a good person to ask
about Sappy stuff). Check out the _More of Our
Stupid Noise_ compilation CD that features a lot
of East Coast bands.

"squirtgun records" <squirtgn\!/enterprise.ca>

PF RECORDS - The Inbreds have moved to Halifax
from Kingston, Ontario, and brought their little
label with them. Highlights include older Inbreds
releases as well as a new split 7" with Plumtree.
You can subscribe to the Inbreds discussion list
at aa265\!/torfree.net or check out their web page
at http://www.xe.net/inbreds/.  Drummer Dave
Ullrich answers their email.

"Dave Ullrich" <kombinet\!/ra.isisnet.com>

DERIVATIVE RECORDS - The main bands for Montreal's
tastemongers these days are Sportsguitar from
Switzerland and Pest 5000 from Montreal. They're
obviously not East Coast bands but both are worth
your attention (and bucks) if clever indie-pop is
your thing. The back catalogue features jale,
Eric's Trip, and Moonsocket, so East Coast fans
should take note.

"derivative records"

NO RECORDS - Waye Mason is the man behind this
enterprise.  Main bands:  Cool Blue Halo, Madhat,
and the Grace Babies.  You can reach Waye by

"NO records" <aa551\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca>

SNOB SHOP - An enterprise of the multitalented
Laura Borealis. Forthcoming releases from Crappo 2
and Stinkin' Rich, as well as that spiffy pink 10"
Snob Shop record.

"Snob Shop" <snobshop\!/aol.com>

ANT RECORDS - Truro's mighty Ant Records are best
known for cassette releases by the Motes and Six

"ant records" <lapointe\!/fox.nstn.ca>


DAYDREAM RECORDS - You have Daydream Records to
blame for the domination of today's indie culture
by the State Champs. We know you're tired of
reading about them in every major newspaper and
magazine, but we still advise you to buy their
records. We're also distributors of various and
sundry marginal east coast indie nuggets.

"daydream records" <af557\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca>

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