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Brock show

I know this is a few days after, but I noticed there has been nothing 
on the St. Catherines show at Brock university. Anyway I thought I'd
 let everyone know about it, it was probably like no other on the tour..

Local Rabbit's (as previously stated) were a trio because a member was 
at his sisters wedding or something. They were OK with the highlight 
being jay playing guitar on Sally-Ann. Rick and Chris came out for the 
last song, although Chris was playing guitar it wasn't actually 
plugged in.

Elevator to Hell wasn't really my favorite...I guess i was expecting 
Eric's Trip just a little to much, which was unfair..

Sloan put on a great performance especially considering they didn't 
have any of their own equipment. they used some from "Elevators and 
Rabbits" (as Chris put it). They were also using Brocks PA equipment 
instead of their own. I was disappointed that Andrew didn't sing at 
all, but they still rocked. 

Just to finish off here's a little quote from a girl my friend 
knows (after she saw sloan in New York): "I can't beleive how big 
those guys are in Canada, they just seem like normal people"