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No E.C. Content

I Know that this is the wrong place to post this but I did warn you!
Tomorow is TOOL day! I haven't been this excited since the eve of 
OCTA. I'm just checkin' to see if any of you poppy people are diverse 
enough to have in your posesion some TOOL bootlegs? I Don't have any 
Sloan boots but I do have some jale, Superfriends, Haydon, Thrush 
Hermit, Hardship Post, Elevator to hell, Eric's Trip, Wooden Stars, 
Pete Best, Urban Surf Kings, Burnt Black, Grommet, and a Poor Sloan
one I forgot about.  All these previously menchoned boots are origional
tapes which I have recorded myself. Some sound great, some don't. 
They are all very listenable. I'm very interested in trading dubs. 
please get in touch privately soon!