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Re: lyrical assistance

"I've listened to this song over and over again and I swear it 
sounds like "Glenn Close to me."  Yes, I know, this sounds 
ridiculous, but this song came out in '92, which I think was 
about the same time the movie Fatal Attraction came out.
Does anyone think it is possible he was using this term to refer to someone who 
is getting obsessively close?  Or am I just crazy?"

This is really funny cuz I always thought it was Glenn Close, too.  Even if it 
isn't, it sure sounds like it.  The obsessively close thing is a good point.

Fatal Attraction (the Glenn Close version) was released in 1987, but that 
doesn't mean that the song couldn't have been written around that time, or been 
influenced by it.  It wouldn't surprise me!