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> I'm glad someone stood up for elevator to hell.  I hate to htink that 
> people who never heard them are getting only negetive impressions from 
> the posts on this list.
> I sAw them live in windsor and loved them.  The effects he used were 
> perfect in setting a scary/psychedelic mood that most sloanies aren't 
> ready for and don't like.  

I don't know...it's not that I'm not "ready" to hear this...it's just 
pretty dull music...or at least it was, in concert. I should get the ETH 
album, but like I said before though, I even started finding ET's last 
album incredibly un-innovative. And I thought the prospect of hearing 
keyboards on ETH would be a welcome change. Not only was there no keys, 
but the songs were so incredibly limited soundwise...hey, if I want
sometimes spooky/weird sometimes beautiful tunes with organ, I think I'll 
stick to Yo La Tengo...I would have bought ETH's album, but I found their 
show scary (not as in boo!!! scary) enough to not want to buy it...but 
hey, let people judge it on their own accord. I also don't think ETH 
deserve adulation just because it's Rick and Mark from ET (though I LOVE 
Mark Gaudet's drumming, and I like so much of the noise Rick makes, 
friday night's performance was just very non awe-inspiring).

PS. Alex..the YLT fan from TO...write to me...I have re-subscribed and lost 
your address !