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lyrical assistance

Okay, I have a strange question for you. I know all of the Sloan
lyrics are available on the web page, but I'm wondering about one
of them, this one from "Median Strip" --

Point came for you to be
gettin' close to me

I've listened to this song over and over again and I swear it
sounds like "Glenn Close to me."  Yes, I know, this sounds
ridiculous, but this song came out in '92, which I think was
about the same time the movie Fatal Attraction came out.
Does anyone think it is possible he was using this term to
refer to someone who is getting obsessively close?  Or am I
just crazy?

Being from the States, I was really sorry to hear about Sloan's
distribution deal falling through.  Is that really true that
two band member's are nearly broke?  That would be a crime if
they are struggling while so many talentless bands are making
millions.  Anyway, I think they will do well here with some

Regarding ticket prices, the Windsor show only cost $10.  I
would have paid twice that (and probably more) so I don't have
a problem with them raising their ticket prices a little.
Maybe if they had some U.S. success too, it would bring down
ticket prices.  Right now they can only depend on the Canadian
shows so it might be keeping prices up.  Not that I really have
a clue.

Someone on here made a comment about liking Twice Removed
instantly but not getting into One Chord right away.  It was
the opposite for me.  I liked TR right away but it took a
while to fully appreciate, whereas One Chord really hit me
instantly.  (I liked the first half of Smeared instantly but
the rest took a while to grow on me.)

Note to Michigan fans -- I've found a record store that has
lots of Canadian imports, and they don't seem to charge more
for them.  It's called Street Corner Music and is at 13 Mile
and Greenfield.  I've seen Smeared there for about $8 and TR
for $13.99.

Sorry for the lengthy post!