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Re: no EC - duotang

On Mon, 30 Sep 1996, mincer ray wrote:

> hmm...what's the deal with these dudes ? I like the sound alright, but 
> Rod sounds like he should sing for Dishwalla or something (or maybe some
> crazy ass 80's hair metal band......just not a 
> very pleasant voice...I don't quite get why there's so much interest in 
> them...I personally was a little let down when I got a copy of their 
> demos. A friend of mine tells me they're huge GBV fans and had told me 
> they sounded a bit like GBV...ehmmm...nope...

	If you're referring to the clips played on last Sunday's Much
East, Rod's vocals seemed to be mixed way louder than normal. I could
barely hear Sean's drumming at all! I don't know if Much East accurately
reflected the sound at the actual show, but ordinarily the vocals are much
less prominent - regardless, I've never minded them. I certainly wouldn't
call his voice pleasant, but then a pleasant-voiced singer simply wouldn't
suit Duotang's style at all. 
	I don't think they sound like GBV either, though apparently that's
a comparison that's made relatively often. As for why there's so much
interest in them, I personally think it's because they're one of the best
rock bands I've heard in ages. Grant Lawrence seems to agree. 
Incidentally, I heard Mint recieved more advance orders for "Smash the
Ships, Raise the Beams" than any of their other albums to date. 

	Matt Lazowski	

"Her wrists thin like razor blades,
 her shadow cuts me.
 The candlelight it starts to fade,
 her thin wrists touch me."
	- The Bonaduces