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Before I get angry letters, I'm gonna hafta quote them easybeats an' say I'm
sorry for my last two posts to the list.
They were meant to be sent back to the sender, but I done messed up.
>From now on, I'm gonna download my mail and answer it later so I don't keep
funkin' up.

Anyway, just so this, too, isn't a total waste of bandwidth, two quick
tidbits of trivial information:

1.) If you look at the cover to the first ETH LP (Inside cover on the CD),
then at the group of pictures inside purple blue, you'll find one taken in
the same place, just w/ a different person (is that julie?).

2.) Has anyone else noticed how at certain times Dr. Frank of The Mr. T
experience (Who I am subjected to almost non-stop in my friend's car) sounds
frighteningly like Sebastion Lippa (of HSP)?

Hopefully I won't be apologizing publicly again anytime soon.