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Sloan-net content

        Hello, it's been a long time since I've opened my mouth around here,
and I've tried to keep quiet through many a tough time.  It's been quite a
while since I even *did* post even when I had something to say, mostly
because I am noticing that Sloan-net is really going through some drastic
       I've really noticed the number of posts increasing lately.  I can
remember a way back when, maybe even YEARS ago, when sloan-net would have
about ten messages waiting by the end of the day, each one of them saying
something you'd really like to know, something relevant or interesting that
you really couldn't wait to know.  Now I find myself a little dissapointed
everytime I check the mail.  I can't place blame on one perticular thing,
there are a lot of factors that are just making Sloan-net, not as fun as it
used to be.  
        Friends, I crave this to change! It can be done, maybe think twice
before you hit the 'reply' button.  Think common sense before you make a
post, will people mind? Is this really THAT relevant? AND FOR PETE'S SAKE
LISTEN TO JAMES WHENEVER HE SPEAKS!!! He's always got something constructive
to say, he goes out of his way to make up a FAQ to help many a new-comer
along their way.  He also listed several direct mailing addresses so that
almost any question can be directly answered by somebody who really knows.  
        I tried for a very long time to keep quiet, leave it and it will go
away I thought.  But as many vetrans know, things have REALLY changed around
here in the last year.  All I'm really trying to do is help put the fun back
into this TERRIFIC place.  
        Now that I have that over and done with, I've also noticed that not
a single word has been breathed about "Play the game not games." I'd really
like to hear some other people's opinions and thoughts about this *super* 10".
        With all that over and done with I'd like to quietly leave where I
came from.

                                                Thanks a lot for reading this!

                                                        Matt Parker