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Newfoundland/HOM and Olympic Death Squad (lengthy)

On Tue, 1 Oct 1996, Claire Rillie wrote:

> sloan haven't been here, Newfoundland, in i dunno how long.  i've honestly 
> only seen them once.  they played the 'great canadian party' in the 
> summer of...um...1992? 

I don't remember when it was - I was there and completely sober and I 
can't for the life of me remember seeing Sloan play.  I remember Spinal 
Tap and (gasp!) Lee Aaron and the Northern Pikes and an awful, overlong 
set from Dead Reckoning, but no Sloan.

I did see them play Bar None (now Junctions) with the Valium Houswives 
(now Drive) and Potbelly (now Jupiter Landing and other offshoots).  This 
was shortly after _Peppermint_ came out and around the time the DGC deal 
was finalized because Darrell Young, the announcer, said it was the last 
time we'd see them before they became big stars...  

No one interesting comes to Newfoundland.  It's sad.  I would have gone 
to see the Superfriendz in September, but the rest of the lineup was 
awful, and I was broke after attending the Halifax On Music festival.  8)
There have been a bunch of concerts recently (54-40, Watchmen, Chris de
Burgh, etc.), but nothing exactly up my alley.  

Speaking of HOM, does anyone know when the Realtime concert is scheduled 
to spotlight the festival?  And what bands are to be featured?

Me, I'd give you my eye teeth if you can get me a dub of Mark Robinson's 
Olympic Death Squad set from the first night.  I know there was at least 
one person taping it because I saw him...  I'm guessing Mark won't be 
featured on CBC....?  It's a real shame he was scheduled right after the 
insane set from Thrush Hermit.  Me, I was psyched and ready to rock with 
Mark and Evelyn and the drum machine, but others were in the mood for 
something slightly more kick-ass, I guess.  Oh well.  As a big Unrest 
fan, I was amazed to hear some of the songs he did - a lot of it was more 
obscure stuff from long out-of-print albums and some unreleased stuff as 
well.  So if anyone has a document of this, please e-mail me.

Also, I'd like to hear James Covey's interview with Mark from his radio 
show if anyone bothered to tape that.  I didn't see the post about it 
until long after I'd returned to Newfoundland.

(Here's hoping I didn't overstep any Sloanetiquette boundaries...but I've 
seen other requests for tapes of shows recently.)

- Kent