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help with shows

Hi everybody.  um, at one point in time, this type of post was allowed,
but if it's been deemed to be unacceptable now, then uh, maybe james can
write me a nice little note to that effect.

Anyway, now that i've gotten that little disclaimer out, i'll tell you
what this is all about.

Yellow Label wants to stage some sort of a little tour, probably the very
first week of january (probably not the best time, but it is really the
only time).  so i was hoping that some other people out there, who may be
able to help us could get in contact with me.  if you're in another band,
and think that you could put us in one of your shows, or if you put gigs
together, have a radio show, or anything like that.  we're from toronto
and we want to come out east, so we're looking for any help along the

thanks a lot.