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On Mon, 30 Sep 1996, Eric Lamda wrote:

> This is in regard to people's disapointing responses to seeing ETH play live.
> I think that the reason people are responding this way, is:
> #2. I would have to say out of my 6 favourite songs from the "Parts 1-3"
> album, they only played 1. I am not sure why ETH didn't play them,
> especially thier single out from the album, "why I didn't like august 93". I
> guess it had to do with that there is someonelse (Ron?) who sings back-up
> vocals on some of the songs and Tara also sings on a couple. Maybe Rick
> didn't want to give the crowd anything that resembeled ET, because he new
> that it what they would expect. Although there are some songs that do remind
> you of ET on the album.

well, from what i've gathered having been around a couple of times when 
rick has made his set lists, it doesn't matter who's in the band (i.e.- 
"why i didn't like..." and ron bates) or what he thinks the crowd 
expects, it's what he feels like doing. if he's bummed out, he's more apt 
to play slower moody songs, and if he's got energy he'll play more upbeat 
it's my understanding that rick really doesn't like being on the road all 
that much, so maybe that's reflecting on the performances?
some people sound better on their albums, some are better live.
i'm indifferent about elevator to hell live or on record...i've known 
both to be really good and i've know both to be sort of boring on occasion.
chalk it up to mood....mind you, there's nothing like watching mark let 
loose on the drums! ;)


"men...calloused hands...men..."   M. Gaudet - 28/07/96