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that old photo thing...(a little bit long, but)

Just thought I'd let you know the reasons behind photo policies in general: 
photo policy is generally dictated by band/management/record company/venue 
or a combination thereof.  For standard rules it is first three songs no 
flash and, whatever the rules are, this in enforced at every show.  This is 
to make it fair for people shooting for their own pleasure as well as those 
shooting for magazines and newspapers.  This policy is set for two reasons: 
1) it keeps the distraction down to a minimal time because it is very 
distracting to have people taking pictures throughout the entire show 
(especially with a flash) and it gives the band a chance to play without the 
distractions and 2) people DO try and sell photos of bands that they take 
and there needs to be some control over it.
Some venues have a "no cameras or recorders" policy to cut down on 
bootlegging of photos and live recordings of shows because bootleggers are 
basically ripping the bands off and a lot of bands are not interested in 
being ripped off.
When any band gets to be a size where there is considerable interest in them 
photo policies come into effect.  Believe me it gets worse as the bands get 
bigger.  Some venues have cameras confiscated and you may never see them 
again, depending on how honest security are, and some bands have contracts 
that allow photos only to be taken for specific publications and those 
photos are never allowed to be reprinted again -  and NO fan is allowed to 
take shots.
It's great that Sloan are not that zealous about their photos, but keep in 
mind that it does distract people to have flashes going off all night, you 
run the risk of getting your camera broken by people smashing into you if 
you're shooting from the pit, and other people are there to enjoy the show 
too so don't elbow them out of the way while you try and get you perfect 
shot of your favourite band member (as I have seen people do recently).  The 
band's not playing the show so you can take pictures; the band is playing so 
everyone can have a great time.
Hope that clears up any confusion as to the photo issue.