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Re: is sloan being unfriendly to fans?

I don't think (i pretty much know..) that sloan do not decide on this photo
thing. It is in most bands contracts and will happen at all shows in bigger
venues, even in smaller venues for bigger bands. First three songs. no
flash. that's the way it is. (and that's one of the reasons why i don't use
a flash) I talked to juliana hatfield b4 a show in london, and she said that
it would be no problem if i took photos, then when i talked to a guy at the
club, he said it was written in her contract that photos could only be taken
during the 1st, 3rd and 4th song. no flash. I then told him i had talked to
her b4, and then he let me take photos. this has also happened to me with
other bands (urge overkill, radiohead etc.) so i think the bands usually
have the final say. at the sloan show in waterloo, the security guards were
telling people no cameras, I talked to Chris, and he let me sit on the stage
the whole show to take photos (i have also met him & photographed them b4
though), and let other photographers take photos the first couple of songs.
I can understand why this is in the contract - flashes are annoying under
ANY circumstances (and pics are better with no flash...), being photographed
distracts the band, the venues & labels don't want people making money off
of them etc. etc. 
Sloan, as far as i know don't have any personal problems being
photographed...(how many photographers has chris dated??) it's just a
"rock-star" thing they have to deal with...and how would you feel if a
camera was aimed at you for 1hr??

At 04:15 AM 9/30/96 EDT, you wrote:
>Somebody also posted that he was not allowed to photograph the sloan show
>here in ottawa.... and then he got permission for the first three songs
>only, with no flash!  This is the normal stipulation for the huge roc
>gods.. like plant-&-page might tell the media guys this (just because
>they're so fucking cool, and that's the big-rock attitude)...  This is
>definately not something that a band like sloan really should be sayig,
>and people will probably only make fun of them for it (i say this because
>the waltons did it a couple of years ago, and that's what i saw happen to
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