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ticket prices/videos/other stuff

first i wanna say sorry for all my bitchy posts yesterday - every few months
sloan net get into a huge flame war, and it always pisses me off, and this
time i contributed...

- ticket prices..here's another factor that might of contributed, chris said
on mucheast last night that for the first time they brought their own
production crew - 2 sound guys, lighting etc. more people = more cost (food,
salery etc.) also promotion for the album this time around is a lot better!
-in the video for everything you've done wrong - is the other trumpeter
Brenndan McGuire?? i know the one guy is whatshisname from the Sadies..
-the video for Thrush hermit - patriot makes me laugh sooo hard! especially
Ian's parts..
-i bought the cd single for i am the cancer on saturday used for 4.03 (incl.

>3.  does anyone have a bootleg of the ottawa show?  (hey, it's not everyday 
>you get a song dedicated to you.... ;) )  Please respond privately.
I don't sorry carol! but speaking of bootlegs, does anyone have one of the
waterloo show?? i didn't get a song dedicated to me...but..uh chris said my
name ;) 

>4.  did anyone go to the St. Catherines show?  How were the Local Rabbits, 
>since they were forced to play as a trio????
nope, i was sick...

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