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Re: is sloan being unfriendly to fans?

> other bands (urge overkill, radiohead etc.) so i think the bands usually
> have the final say. at the sloan show in waterloo, the security guards were
> telling people no cameras, I talked to Chris, and he let me sit on the stage

not necessarily though. A friend of mine was supposed to have an amateur
video crew for the Toronto GBV show. We got band approval and everything,
and in the end, MCA told us that it couldn't be done unless some sort of
fee was payed, despite the band's objections. We managed to get the one
camera rolling...also, HMV usually video tapes concerts in Toronto, but
are only allowed the first three songs and it's got nothing to do with
band managment. It really depends on who's handling the concert...some are
more overzealous than others...