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>yep..I gotta agree...I mean, I went to the Sloan show wanting to like ETH,
>but they just didn't much for me, even though I tried...and hell, I like
>noise as much as anyone, but dissonance has to be tastefully done, and
>even Sonic Youth can at times get on my nerves...like a friend of mine
>said, ETH had two sounds :  loud and screechy and loud and
>screechy...pretty limited musical palette, especially given the fact that
>we know that Rick can do better...I dunno...I was mildly dissapointed...
>then again, even Eric's Trip were starting to get a wee bit stale...don't
>flame me for saying it...it's just a little sad...I hope they get

Have you heard the CD or LP's?
>From your loud n' screechy bit, I'd guess not.  I agree, that when I saw
them, I was a bit disappointed, but There are some very good songs on those
two LPs that are as distanced from loud and screechy as you can get... I'm
trying to think of an example, #3  on the CD,  "everything made more sense".
 I don't think they came off well, mainly because it was a larger vanue, the
sound was poor, and they were probably nervous, as someone mentioned about
tara facing backwards the whole set, that's something that julie once said
that even Chris used to do, because he was so nervous singing. 
If you liked eric's trip, he does use a lot of those old tricks on the CD,
but it is still very very good.  and you get what, 27 songs?! How can you go