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is sloan being unfriendly to fans?

Hi.  I haven't read sloannet since friday, so i had a little catching up
to do... so i realise that a lot about this ticket price issue has been
said, but i would still like to add my own view of it... 

in ottawa, sloan played at porter-hall... it's basically a room at
carleton university, where they have some exams (mostely of smaller
classes), and sometimes craft sales and stuff like that.  the room
probably holds 800 people standing (absolute max, i would say).. the gym
is much, much larger.  anyway, i have always had the opinion that the
venue dictated what was an acceptable price.. the ticket price for sloan
on friday was $15.50.. i think that i would have paid this for a show at
the masonic temple in toronto (uh, that's the concert hall), but a
porter-hall show is really not worth that much money (this is not only
based on the size of the room, but also on the quality of the room as a
live space.. it just isn't that great).  Also, this price is quite hight,
even compared to other popular bands.  I saw Radiohead, who aren't even
from north america, last summer (that would be 95) for $14 at the
Warehouse, and Monstermagnet (who have a *very big* light/visual setup,
with full video, etc, etc) for $8 at the Opera House (which *maybe* holds

Somebody also posted that he was not allowed to photograph the sloan show
here in ottawa.... and then he got permission for the first three songs
only, with no flash!  This is the normal stipulation for the huge roc
gods.. like plant-&-page might tell the media guys this (just because
they're so fucking cool, and that's the big-rock attitude)...  This is
definately not something that a band like sloan really should be sayig,
and people will probably only make fun of them for it (i say this because
the waltons did it a couple of years ago, and that's what i saw happen to
I always though that sloan prided themselves on being fan-friendly.  these
two things, though, add up to being really unfriendly.  Some people have
suggested that sloan is doing it because they are not making enough
money.. well i can see how raising prices would help with this, but not
this anti-photo-policy.  also, has nobody else realised that unless you
are the tragically-hip or celine-dion or something, you really can not
make a living from playing music in canada.  most people in bands have to
have other jobs if they want to make any money, even if they do have
major-label deals.