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Re: *sigh*

>I dont understand what all the complaining is about. You've heard the way
>people are reviewing the shows sloan's been doing lately - They're Great!
>Has anyone commented that they sucked? I dont think so. 

Actually, people commented that the Waterloo show *did* suck. I know a LOT
of folks who felt ripped off after that one. The only people, in fact, who
seemed to like it were rabid Sloan fans (hi guys!) and people who were piss
drunk, and therefore at liberty to like ANYTHING. 

Anyone interested in reading a negative review of a Sloan show, check out
this week's Imprint at http://imprint.uwaterloo.ca (the feature Arts review).
It pained me to write it, but I will never look at Sloan as favourably
as I did before I saw them going through the motions onstage...


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