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sloan ottawa show and other stuff...

wow.  not only did the sloan-sters take my breath away, but they took my 
cough, runny nose, and fever away for the night as well.  (which is only 
right, since seeing them in waterloo *gave* me the flu :P )

the other reviews for this show were pretty accurate, and i just wanted to 
add my 2 cents.  Actually, i just wanted to boast --> SLOAN DEDICATED A SONG 
TO ME!!!! :)  heehee :)  After "Snowsuit Sound", Chris said "that last song 
is dedicated to the real sizzle teen, who is somewhere in the audience". 
 Tara dc and i were freakin' out big time :)  Jay told us that after the 
show, a girl came up to him and asked if she's the sizzle teen and he had to 
say no.  oooohhhh, i love those sloan boys... *gush*


oops.  i think i still have a bit of a fever... ;)

anyway, four other things i'd like to mention:

1.  the Julie (Broken Girl) sighting at Mount Allison University... for 
those of you close to that area, Julie actually has a radio show at the 
university.  Find out when it is, and tune in!

2.  about the no-photo rule... i think it's been put in place by the people 
in charge of the venue.  i'm sure it has nothing to do with Sloan.

3.  does anyone have a bootleg of the ottawa show?  (hey, it's not everyday 
you get a song dedicated to you.... ;) )  Please respond privately.

4.  did anyone go to the St. Catherines show?  How were the Local Rabbits, 
since they were forced to play as a trio????

finally recovering after taking 2.5 days off...

               ...sizzle teen