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Elevator to Hell

Just reading all the comments that are previous to this and I think that
everybody needs to realize that the new music that Rick is playing has a
different meaning than ET stuff.  To enjoy it I think one of the big
things is you have to be able to hear the lyrics - thats what makes ETH.
Now if any of the shows you were at were anything like the Sept. 20 show
at the concert hall than you probably couldn't hear them and if you
could you had a problem making out just what he was saying.  I'm a big
ETH fan and even this dissapointed me but then I saw them at the
Horseshoe on Tues. and the were beautiful.  I really think the sound
quality and even surroundings make a big difference in the experience. 
Big halls are good for Sloan but the same feeling isn't what you need
when you see ETH. 

	To all those ET fans out there the B-sides - unreleased ET record or
disk seems to be a go.  A friend of mine took some picturesand brought
the contacts to the show for Rick and he selected some for him to print
and send to him for the booklet that will go with the disk.

Also a side note: for all those who know who Lee Aaron is - Her and her
new band (ex-Sons of Freedom) OPENED for Elevator to Hell.  Talk about
sinking he he!  She's still got all her rock moves in a Alanis Morsette
like package.  Hot pants and a shiny vest, dyed hair.  HA!!!!!