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This is in regard to people's disapointing responses to seeing ETH play live.
I think that the reason people are responding this way, is:

#1. It is different. Everyone is used to hearing Rick in ET and that
specific sound. They go into these shows expecting to hear this, even though
they don't realize it and they are disapointed. Usually music that people
love the first time they hear it, are the ones they can't stand a month
later. Hey, I loved Vanalla Ice the first time I heard him, and after six
years I... maybe this was not a good example.

#2. I would have to say out of my 6 favourite songs from the "Parts 1-3"
album, they only played 1. I am not sure why ETH didn't play them,
especially thier single out from the album, "why I didn't like august 93". I
guess it had to do with that there is someonelse (Ron?) who sings back-up
vocals on some of the songs and Tara also sings on a couple. Maybe Rick
didn't want to give the crowd anything that resembeled ET, because he new
that it what they would expect. Although there are some songs that do remind
you of ET on the album.


At 03:21 PM 9/29/96 Trooper wrote:
>yep..I gotta agree...I mean, I went to the Sloan show wanting to like ETH,
>but they just didn't much for me, even though I tried...and hell, I like
>noise as much as anyone, but dissonance has to be tastefully done, and
>even Sonic Youth can at times get on my nerves...like a friend of mine
>said, ETH had two sounds :  loud and screechy and loud and
>screechy...pretty limited musical palette, especially given the fact that
>we know that Rick can do better...

Another person wrote:
>> > I dunno...I think Local Rabbits would be a much better second spot. ETH
>> > are a little haunting and spooky (in a mildly interesting way). I still
>> > think that Rick has more talent to push ETH a bit further than he is.

Yet another person wrote:
>> When I saw ETH at HOM I was not impressed in the least. I think there 
>> was one song that I almost got into, but that's it. I understand that 
>> Rick wants to do something different, but ETH is making less and less 
>> sense to me.