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Re: confusion!

>but obviously some people prefer to make their own
>rules for posting...am i allowed to even post anything?? is my signature
>taking up to much space for anyone? i'm sorry. THIS IS A DISCUSSION GROUP.
>where people discuss things. look on yr keyboard...what's that up in the top
>corner (or wherever it is) oh my god! it's a DELETE key!!! amazing!!
>i remember about 1 1/2 years ago when every thing seemed happy on here, and
>people could post what they wanted about sloan etc. and no one complained.

hey, not only do those people have the option to use that little delete key
but they also have the option to quit this list, maybe it takes too much
time or whatever, but if it's too much for you you always have the option to
quit, stop all this bitching I can't give a damn about some inane posts but
the worst is when people start bitching and complaining.  Besides, it always
takes up more space that the actually inane posts.  

Why can't we all just get along again?  Love, love, love, all you need is
love.  What do I have to do start passing around a joint ;)

>then those damn video game post started.
Ahhh the video game thread, I was proud to have a part in that one.  And
what about the Sloan is gay thread, I was proud to have inadvertently
started that one :)  And let's not forget Math Rock.  Maybe when you become
a aged lurker/poster like me  you start to put up with all this crap, Sloan
net will get better, it always does, complaining just makes it worse.  it
goes in cycles, it's the circle of life, man.

Or maybe we just need a group smart-ass again.  Apllications can be sent to
yours truly ;)
>And right now, i have some sloany
>things i want to say, but you know what? i can't even say them cause i don't
>want to be flamed, or told that i'm bragging because something nice & sloany
>happened to me.

Hey, say Sloany stuff, this is after all Sloan net and if they don't like it
they can sit on a tack, ow, sit on a tack.

hey, it beats homework