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New Compilation CD

Hi gang. Since no one's posted this yet: there's a new compilation CD
featuring many an EC band, for the benefit of the Petitcodiac River in New
Brunswick. The tracks are:

1. Gerard Leblanc- "Priere Pur une Riviere"
2. Hardship Post- "The Hole"
3. Bad Luck #13- "International Debutante's Ball"
4. The Great Balancing Act- "What the Animals Say"
5. Jale- "Traditonal"
6. Zero Celsius- "Clinically Uninclined"
7. The Monoxides- "Green Light"
8. Les Paiens- "Fast Lane"
9. Sleap- "Far As"
10. Eastern Wind Singers- "Flute/Flag Song/Victory Song"
11. Purple Knight- "A Boat River Confusion"
12. Eric's Trip- "Fall"
13. Idee du Nord- "Rembrandt"
14. N.F.A.- "College Park"
15. Orange Glass- "Twelve Six"
16. Marky & the Mopeds- "Hoochie Coo"
17. Thee Suddens- "Such a Drag"
18. Humfat- "Willow Tree"
19. Helium (no, not that Helium)- "La Riviere"
20. Creeggan & Surette- "The River Ghost"

For ordering info, write ecoversi\!/umoncton.ca or visit