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inbreds shows (fwd)

the inbreds are from the east coast.
therefore <sp?> this has east coast content. 
sorry to jam your mailboxes. please don't flame me.

>Thurs 10/24     Montreal        The Jailhouse
>Fri 10/25       Toronto          unconfirmed
>Sat 10/26       Ottawa          Zaphod Beeblebrox
>Sun 10/27       Hamilton     unconfirmed
>Mon 10/28       off
>Tues 10/29      performance on the Wedge/ debut video for "North Window"
>Wed 10/30       Kingston, Ont   Alfie's
>Thur 10/31      off
>Friday 11/1     Windsor         Terradactyl (two shows-all ages/reg.)
>Sat 11/2        London          Embassy
>Sun 11/3        off
>Mon 11/4        Thunder Bay      
>Tues 11/5       Winnipeg         
>Wed 11/6        Calgary         Republik
>Thur 11/7       Edmonton        The Rev
>Fri 11/8        off
>Sat 11/9        Vancouver       Starfish room
>.......         travel
more east coast!!>>>>>Sat 11/16       Halifax         Birdland
>Plans are in the works for another Canadian tour in February.
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