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Re: confusion!

On Sun, 29 Sep 1996, Jason Peter Schad wrote:

> I just don't get it.  People post stuff about the songs themselves and 
> people get pissed! so people post a little gosiip and people get pissed! 
> so people finally get in a meaning disscussion about ticket prices and 
> people are stiil pissed off.  Well what the hell can you talk about on here?
> Appearently Sloannet is only good for 75 carbon copy reviews of the same 
> show.  I tried to not step on toes and behave, but I don't care anymore. 
> Grow up people!  If you don't like a post, then just delete it!!  It's 
> what I have to do everytime I get some stupid Grace Babies post!
> I'm certain I be blasted for this one, so go ahead, do your worst!
> Jason