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Re: confusion!

that really had to be said. good job jason. Sloan net is just getting
ridiculous lately...People are actually emailing people privatly whining
that they post too much, and that it costs them to much money to download
their mail (Okay maybe this is just happening to a few people but still).
get real. This list is run by James. He is the moderater <sp?> that means he
is the one who moderates the list, if there is a problem with someones post
i'm sure james will mail them and tell them what the problem is and ask them
nicely to stop - he did that to a bunch of people last week. I am scared to
post on sloan net lately. what is allowed? can some one tell me please? i've
followed james' rules, but obviously some people prefer to make their own
rules for posting...am i allowed to even post anything?? is my signature
taking up to much space for anyone? i'm sorry. THIS IS A DISCUSSION GROUP.
where people discuss things. look on yr keyboard...what's that up in the top
corner (or wherever it is) oh my god! it's a DELETE key!!! amazing!!
i remember about 1 1/2 years ago when every thing seemed happy on here, and
people could post what they wanted about sloan etc. and no one complained.
then those damn video game post started. And right now, i have some sloany
things i want to say, but you know what? i can't even say them cause i don't
want to be flamed, or told that i'm bragging because something nice & sloany
happened to me.
I'm really starting to understand why the song "can't face up" was written
I think it is amazing how james can put up with all this.

At 03:56 PM 9/29/96 -0400, you wrote:
>On Sun, 29 Sep 1996, Jason Peter Schad wrote:
>> I just don't get it.  People post stuff about the songs themselves and 
>> people get pissed! so people post a little gosiip and people get pissed! 
>> so people finally get in a meaning disscussion about ticket prices and 
>> people are stiil pissed off.  Well what the hell can you talk about on here?
>> Appearently Sloannet is only good for 75 carbon copy reviews of the same 
>> show.  I tried to not step on toes and behave, but I don't care anymore. 
>> Grow up people!  If you don't like a post, then just delete it!!  It's 
>> what I have to do everytime I get some stupid Grace Babies post!
>> I'm certain I be blasted for this one, so go ahead, do your worst!
>> Jason
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