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HoM review in the COAST on-line

hi i thought some of you would like this i got it from the COAST on-line
page. it's mainly for the people who can't get the coast so enJOY.....byes

The HOMusic Experience

So many bands (36), venues (5) and hurricanes (one's
enough)-so little time (3 days)

by Stephanie Domet & Steve O'Grady
Did the Halifax on Music festival, with its new team of organizers,
successfully erase any
unpleasant memories of the Halifax Pop Explosion while building on the
strengths of that
three-year-old festival? The short answer is an unqualified yes. The long
answer involves a series
of short answers...

Friday September 13 (yikes!)

        Café Olé, 20h30. Hip teens huddle together, smoking in the rain.
Inside, it's hot, humid
       and sticky. When the Super Friendz hits the stage, the kids go wild.
The band is also
       concerned and stops occasionally to ask if everyone's okay. And they
are. The kids are
        Reflections Cabaret, 22h00. The house music is pounding, the disco
lights are flashing
       above an empty dance floor, then it's time for Broken Girl-Julie
Doiron-Claytor, formerly
       of Eric's Trip. Turning that venue into a hushed sanctuary for
nearly an hour with just a
       guitar and a voice just above a whisper was no mean feat.
        Next up is Duotang, a two-man band from Winnipeg. Bass, drums and
skinny ties. Lots
       of photographers and video crews here to see these guys. Then jale
give it a go but are
       unfortunate victims of poor sound. Apparently Duotang's two mics are
easier to deal with
       than jale's four.
        Birdland Cabaret, 0h30. Thrush Hermit power through a tight set
that's just a hair shy of
       being completely over the top. In other words, they rocked. After
that, Mark Robinson's
       Olympic Death Squad solo act didn't stand a chance. (Tentative name
for his next project:
       Broken Guy.)

Saturday, September 14 (Hurricane day)

        Wormwood's Cinema, mid-afternoon. Tired of cruising the indie
market? Then check out
       Lonnie James, the Super Friendz drummer extraordinaire gone solo.
Wearing a white
       cowboy shirt and strumming and singing, his set is like the only
decent am radio station on
       a long road trip: You don't know any of the songs, but they're
familiar and you're glad to
       hear them.
        Café Olé, 18h00. Taking it one act at a time. First comes
Absolutely Nothing, featuring
       the Gillis sisters from Plumtree, then the charismatic and tuneful
Trike. Then the truly
       nutso The Chitz. How to have missed the ear plugs featured right up
there on the menu
       with pop and chips?
        Birdland Cabaret, 22h30, the hurricane is now in full force, but
the Scud Mountain Boys
       are playing, so it's all right. The night only gets better-the
awesome Pushkings, then
       Change of Heart's angry rock-and more sweaty. Birdland will be
absolutely bursting at the
       seams for Sloan but first...
        Reflections Cabaret, midnight. A quick dash back for a
disappointing set from
       much-hyped duo Giant Sand...
        Which is more than made up for by Sloan. They don't play
"Underwhelmed," and no one
       cares. They do cover the Smiths' "What Difference Does It Make," and
it goes over well.
       Outside again, Hurricane Hortense has been and gone, leaving tree
debris and huge
       puddles in her wake.

Sunday, September 15 (last chance to dance)

        Wormwood's Cinema, mid-afternoon. Today it's a Comic Jam with
background music
       by the uncomfortable local favourite Al Tuck. A good way to start
the day.
        The Sanctuary, 18h30. Toronto's Danko Jones, Plumtree, Montréal's
Local Rabbits,
       Seattle's Mavis Piggott, Moncton's Elevator to Hell and Calgary's
Chixdiggit inaugurate
       Halifax's newest all-ages club and put the finishing touches on a
nearly perfect weekend.
       This year won't be forgotten as easily as the first three.

                                 © 1996 The Coast

ryan mathew fields
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