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yep..I gotta agree...I mean, I went to the Sloan show wanting to like ETH,
but they just didn't much for me, even though I tried...and hell, I like
noise as much as anyone, but dissonance has to be tastefully done, and
even Sonic Youth can at times get on my nerves...like a friend of mine
said, ETH had two sounds :  loud and screechy and loud and
screechy...pretty limited musical palette, especially given the fact that
we know that Rick can do better...I dunno...I was mildly dissapointed...
then again, even Eric's Trip were starting to get a wee bit stale...don't
flame me for saying it...it's just a little sad...I hope they get

> > I dunno...I think Local Rabbits would be a much better second spot. ETH
> > are a little haunting and spooky (in a mildly interesting way). I still
> > think that Rick has more talent to push ETH a bit further than he is.
> This is actually something I've been wanting to bring up here (as 
> opposed to my accidental private post...whoops, sorry guys)
> When I saw ETH at HOM I was not impressed in the least. I think there 
> was one song that I almost got into, but that's it. I understand that 
> Rick wants to do something different, but ETH is making less and less 
> sense to me. I think the whole appeal of Eric's Trip was the fact 
> that they played beautiful melodies/harmonies through really raunchy 
> guitar noise, and added soft vocals (or at least well-sung/crafted 
> vocal) over top. But with ETH Rick basically "talks" or screeches. I 
> was all for "spaceship opening", don't get me wrong, but ETH is all 
> talk or all skreech, gone is Rick's really good vocal parts.