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um, you missed the point

anyhoo, i would like actual facts n' figures, not philosophical
meanderings about why the sloan ticket price has jumped. if you think
sloan are big now, well, thanks for the newsflash. :) i just always
thought certain bands who, no matter how big they got, kept the prices to
a rate that most kids could afford, were the cat's bum. as a fairly
economically disadvantaged student, i had always hoped sloan would remain
the cat's bum. does this make sense?

so...from someone in the know...are the higher prices (and they are
higher) related to supporting murderecords in a more substantial way (if
this is the case, good for them), is it because simply because the market
tolerates it, has the cost of touring gone up that much since 1994/95,
etc. i asked for real reasons, i'm hoping someone who is either involved
with touring/promotions/record companies/sloan themselves can explain this
in real numbers and with real reasons. i appreciate the answers given
already, but it's sort of turned into a "sloan are bigger" "no they're
not" "yes they are" "jon dacey is a nut" "shut up, regina rules" (oops,
i'm getting carried away!! :) )

and for the person who feels it's a sad day to pay more for neil young
tickets than for sloan tickets...it's all about having paid your dues,
having been around for over two decades, and having a wider audience.
learn your history, sonny boy. and be careful jim cooper doesn't see that

one more nitpicky thing. it's SOCAN, not COCAN. i think that must be a
typo, but the kid leaning over my shoulder reading my email is positive
mr. morris meant to say "COCAINE"...hmmm, it *is* about commercial radio
airplay, the kid has a point....

tara lee wittchen

ps/ i think this is my last sloan net post, perhaps ever. it's been a fun
two years...well, at least *some* of it. i think the lack of dacey vs.
catano vs. everyone content has soured me on the list, though. so, bye
bye, i think. :)

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after September 30, 1996