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Re: what is the reason

Okay, so I'm going to offer the Americans versions of this.  First of 
all, and I mean this is the most positive way, you all are spoiled.  I've 
never seen a show that didn't cost me $15-25.  In fact I paid $35 to see 
REM. Well I guess REM is a little different.
Secondly, I would cast a vote for Sloan being bigger today.  I never 
heard 500 Up on the radio, but over this summer, I couldn't turn on 89X 
without hearing TGIE.  But then again, I guess we still hear Underwhelmed 
that much too. 
In Cities along the border, like Buffalo, NY and Detroit, Mi, there is a 
massive Sloan following.  At 89X-Fest, Sloan drew the biggest crowd by 
far.  But if I were to drive an hour south of here, people would say 
"Who?" My friends and I have to drive to beautiful city of Windsor to get 
stuff or pay insane import prices.  If they would get signed to an 
American label, any label, Then Sloan mania could spread to all Yanks and 
my fellow country men could join me in a rousing chorus of "Guidance 
that's my two bits,