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Re: Tom Hayden's comments:

>$14 bucks in Saskatoon ($12 with U of S ID); I would think that it depends
>on the venue's mark-up and on whether or not there is a ticket service.
>IMHO $17 is too much to pay for any band.  By the time they're big enough
>to charge that much they're almost always tired and boring. 'Cept for Neil
>Young, of course.
>But the *real* reason I wrote was to say  *Aaargh!* Could someone please
>get the yahoo in Saskabush to shut up about sloannet t-shirts?  Never did
>get the one I paid for, and every time I hear the subject mentioned I get
>so pissed off that I have to kill someone.  :)

2 stupid statements in a row. This guy's on a roll

I dont understand what all the complaining is about. You've heard the way
people are reviewing the shows sloan's been doing lately - They're Great!
Has anyone commented that they sucked? I dont think so. So basicly it comes
down to how much you like them. Give $20 to support the band you love and
be guaranteed a good time. If you would pay more to see Neil Young rather
than Sloan, it is indeed a sad day.

>the yahoo in Saskabush...

People wo live in saskatoon are yahoo's? Or their browser preference is
Yahoo? Maybe, but i live in Regina.

p.s. SloanNet shirts!!!!  :)


"And touching the scar on your back like a relief map" - Superfriendz