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Re: sloan sold-out

Bandwagonesque <maenon\!/webgate.net> had this to say about Re: sloan sold-out
}>friday afternoon, sloan sold out for october 3rd in toronto at the concert
}>hall AGAIN. 
}they also sold out in london, waterloo, st cathrines and i'm sure where ever
}else they've played!

Well, folks, if they're selling out the tour at $14-17 prices, I 
gues they're not charging too much.  Trendoids wouldn't be seen dead 
at $5 gigs, they probably think $15 is a bargain next to paying $25 
or more to see Green Day or somebody like that.

Hey, maybe they'll surpass casino gambling as Nova Scotia's top 
industry (I heard U2 is the #2 export from Ireland, behind Guinness).

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