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Re: um, you missed the point

At 11:49 AM 9/29/96 -0600, you wrote:
>anyhoo, i would like actual facts n' figures, not philosophical
>meanderings about why the sloan ticket price has jumped. if you think
>sloan are big now, well, thanks for the newsflash. :) i just always
>thought certain bands who, no matter how big they got, kept the prices to
>a rate that most kids could afford, were the cat's bum. as a fairly
>economically disadvantaged student, i had always hoped sloan would remain
>the cat's bum. does this make sense?

You want facts??? I do know that *two* members of the band are completely
broke, and was part of there reason for wanting to have Geffen distro OCTA,
because these two certain members needed quick cash, but it was later
decided that won't be smartest move around. The only band of late that I can
think that keeps there tickets low everywhere every show is *fugazi* $5, no
more, no less. Althought that is an ideal price for any show, its not gonna
happen for every band. Why complain about ticket prices???? Its not going to
do anything...


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