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Re: what is the reason

On Sat, 28 Sep 1996, Tara Lee Wittchen wrote:

> hello sloan net...
> my friends back home in calgary, and my friends in western canada, are
> telling me the price tag for a sloan ticket is $17. the last time we saw
> them in calgary, when they were on a big wig :) record label, tickets were
> $10. the times before, it was $8.

$14 bucks in Saskatoon ($12 with U of S ID); I would think that it depends
on the venue's mark-up and on whether or not there is a ticket service.
IMHO $17 is too much to pay for any band.  By the time they're big enough
to charge that much they're almost always tired and boring. 'Cept for Neil
Young, of course.

But the *real* reason I wrote was to say  *Aaargh!* Could someone please
get the yahoo in Saskabush to shut up about sloannet t-shirts?  Never did
get the one I paid for, and every time I hear the subject mentioned I get
so pissed off that I have to kill someone.  :)

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