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Re: album top 10

here is a correspondant i found while searching the news:alt.music.... files. 

>Date:	Sun, 29 Sep 1996 01:20:48 -0400
>From:	Jason Patrick Pilon <jpp\!/ecf.toronto.edu>
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>To:	cklutz\!/buffnet.net
>Subject: Re: album top 10
>On Sun, 29 Sep 1996 cklutz\!/buffnet.net wrote:
>> what do you think of Sloan????
Jason Patrick Pilon answered:

>I used to think that they were a rather cheap Beatles rip-off, to tell 
>you the truth.  But seeing Twice Removed at the top of the Chart top 
>Canadian albums chart got me intrigued.  Everytime I heard Sloan on the 
>radio I'd pay a bit closer attention, and eventually I came to appreciate 
>their sound.  The new singles really caught my ear, but I never bothered 
>to buy the album.
>I got Twice Removed out of the library a couple of weeks ago, and I was 
>totally blown away.  I knew of songs like Coax Me and People of the Sky, 
>but listening to the first four songs on that album I knew it was 
>something special.  I dubbed it on to the other side of the tape I have 
>the Inbreds' new release on, and I spent many days with that tape in the 
>I finally bought OCTA last night, but I only listened to it once.  (I 
>bought the new REM as well, and have spent the past twenty-four hours 
>trying to figure out if I like it.  It's finally starting to sink in in a 
>big way, as most REM material does.)  After that initial listen, I tend 
>to agree with those folks that have slagged the sound quality of the 
>record... but that's not enough for me to give it up.  I will say this 
>though:  it certainly did not have the same immediate impact that Twice 
>Removed did.  (I doubt many pop records ever will again, but I digress.)
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