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I just went to see this new band....they're called Schlon

or Slowne...I forget...anyway....they're really good...go check'em out...

ok....now....I wasn't dissapointed in the least with the show...don't get
me wrong...however....

both ETH and Local Rabbits played sets of about 30 minutes...Sloan played
about an hour and a bit...so yeah, they left me craving for more.

I dunno...I think Local Rabbits would be a much better second spot. ETH
are a little haunting and spooky (in a mildly interesting way). I still
think that Rick has more talent to push ETH a bit further than he is.

If a ticket says "doors open at 8 PM", what's a reasonable time to get
there without missing much of the first band ? does 8:25 seem appropriate ? 
we got there just as Sally Ann was being played...I was not amused.

Considering the fact that Sloan are at least as big here (I'd say
definitely bigger) as some of the bigger indie bands, $17 is not a *total*
rip-off...it ain't cheap either, but playing in Canada is just a pain in
the ass. Besides, I know the cash is going to a noble cause.

Those Sloan boys sure harmonize well. Maybe it was the fact I hadn't seen
them in over a year and a half, but they were quite tight, and the vocal
harmonies were excellent...you can tell they're bigger and better than
ever. They're out of the basement and definitely onto bigger things. If
an American friend were to ask "should I go see Sloan" I'd not be hesitant
in the least to say "you just gotta...". A fine export...better than Alan
Thicke and Wayne Gretzky (combined !!!).

Andrew is a very tasteful drummer...he's the man.

I am the Cancer....heh heh...I think they read minds now....

that will be all.

oh wait....Johny Starr ain't sleazy...he's just playing sleazy...and he
rocks...I don't know what kind of bass he's playing, but all I know is
that it has a little blinking red light on it...sleazy ??? no way...little
red blinking lights are waaay classy. Besides...he's just a nice
counterbalance to Pete and Ben's squeaky clean image...much the same way
Jay is the sleazy Sloanster....hehe...ok...less nyquil next time...