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Re: what is the reason

At 05:09 PM 9/28/96 PDT, you wrote:
>Bandwagonesque <maenon\!/webgate.net> writes:
>> its actually quite simple, when yr band is starting out you charge a cheaper
>> price so people will actually come out and see you, but as you get bigger
>> you will have more people who want to see you, so you charge more.
> I don't think that argument really washes in this case Shawn. During
> the "Smeared era" when 500 Up was getting tonnes of airplay, they
> played in Victoria for under $10. Now they're playing UVic for $17! I
> don't think that they are any bigger now than they were then. Maybe
> even the opposite.

I really don't think the amount of airplay for "500 Up" can even come close
to comparison of the airplay for both "the good in everyone" and "everything
you've done wrong". I mean it the attention Sloan are getting now is unreal.
Everyone is now jumping of the bandwagon for Sloan, well bandwagon is a bad
choice of words, but anyways, they are getting bigger, and this is only the
beginning. I mean, so far this year my school has played the whole "twice
removed" album before and after classes thoughout the school, and just on
friday they used "the good in everyone" on the accouncments. SLOAN ARE
GETTING BIG !!! 'nuf said. 


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